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Latest News

Why does the A361 / Welsh Road Opening Date Keep Altering?

Why does the A361 / Welsh Road Opening Date Keep Altering?

Posted: Wed, 09 Sep 2020 20:43 by Dick Stephen

We have received this explanation of why the dates keep altering:

"Currently, as you may be aware, our biggest constraint is the shallow gas main which was discovered on Welsh Road East, in the left lane on the approach to the A361 junction. Due to this shallow gas main, we cannot allow traffic over this lane until it has been diverted. This means that unfortunately, we have to align with the utilities companies works schedule in order to divert this and they have given us the indicative programme of between 21st September and late October. We are working with them to expediate this diversion however the programme unfortunately has not yet been confirmed. More »

"Due to the location of this shallow gas main, we currently cannot open all four roads in full without installing temporary traffic lights across the whole junction for safety reasons. The junction would not operate safely without four way traffic lights controlling the flow. This is due to the positioning of the constructed traffic splitter island on the east arm restricting traffic flow / larger vehicle turning radius across the junction.

"Installing a four way crossroads traffic light system would have the largest net negative effect on the road network, particularly the flow along the A361 as this would add a further delay in traffic flow. For this reason we need to avoid this option.

"Following the completion of the advertised weekend closure of the A361 on the 21 September Welsh Road West to Aston Le Walls will be open in full and the traffic lights removed from the A361. The west arm will then operate as intended as a give way junction. The opposing EAST arm will then be fully closed until the gas main is diverted and the road construction completed. We are working with the utility company SGN and scrutinising their programme to get the junction open as soon as we can.

"For the equestrian show we swapped the closure over so that Welsh Road east was closed, however, works to the verge had still not been complete by this point so the transferral back was necessary. If we would not have taken this action 1000+ horse boxes would have been traveling through Aston Le Walls around for the event which would have caused significant disruption. As closures come into effect over the next two weekends for north tie in, we can't open Welsh Road west whilst these closures are in place so would have to do major shifts in the traffic management to keep Welsh Road west open during the week. There wasn't the resource to gain the consents from the council to put this into force in time I'm afraid. » Less

More Date Changes for A361 Crossroads Opening

More Date Changes for A361 Crossroads Opening

Posted: Mon, 31 Aug 2020 17:02 by Dick Stephen

Overriding all previous announcements, see below for new dates of when the Welsh Road to A361 junction will be open and closed.

Access from Aston le Walls to the A361 is now closed until the 18th September.

The Culworth side is currently open but will be closed again for gas main works from 21st September until 30th October.

Please see attach document that gives details of Chipping Warden A361 closures too.

Hundreds of Videos Submitted During First Year of Operation Snap

Hundreds of Videos Submitted During First Year of Operation Snap

Posted: Thu, 27 Aug 2020 21:44 by Dick Stephen

Since Operation Snap was launched twelve months ago, Northamptonshire Police has received more than 600 video submissions, of which, just under half have led to further action.

Rolled out across the county in August last year, Operation Snap enables people to report driving offences by uploading video evidence via a simple online portal on the Force website.

In the first 12 months, the Force received 612 submissions from 413 individual witnesses, resulting in a total of 300 Notice of Intended Prosecution (PIN) letters being sent to registered owners. More »

Videos have ranged from driving dangerously to drivers not being in proper control of a vehicle, driving without due care and attention, overtaking on solid white lines, ignoring traffic lights, carrying excessive passengers and unsecure loads.

Northamptonshire Police's Safer Roads Operations Manager, Matthew O'Connell, said: "When people see a marked police car they tend to drive more carefully and behave, but we know the public see bad and dangerous driving all the time.

"Through the use of Operation Snap, we have thousands of additional pairs of eyes helping us to keep our roads safer and thanks to the public's support are able to take action against driving offences we otherwise wouldn't see.

"Although this service allows people to share evidence of driving offences with us quickly and easily so we can take prompt and appropriate action. It's important to remember, we only have 14 days from when the offence is committed to do this.

"It's also important to remember we examine footage for evidence of offences by all parties, so please don't break the law in order to report someone else to us, or you could be in trouble as well."

Funded by the Office of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner with the support of the Department for Transport, Operation Snap provides an additional resource to prevent and reduce serious and fatal collisions.

Northamptonshire Safer Roads Alliance Chair, Superintendent Adam Ward, said: "Last year, 42 people were killed on our county's roads, and a further 347 were seriously injured, and our main priority continues to be to improve road safety in Northamptonshire.

"Through education and enforcement, where necessary, we need to stop people putting themselves and other road users at risk because they do not believe they will get caught. But poor driving and behaviour will not be tolerated.

"Since the launch of Operation Snap, the chances of getting caught for committing traffic offences goes up. If that fear of getting caught results in road users using our roads more safely, then that's only a good thing.

"Over the past 12 months, Operation Snap has proved an invaluable policing tool, and has complemented the good work already being carried out by all the alliance partners.

"However, with the continued support of the public, we hope it acts as a deterrent and encourages all road users to use our road network legally and responsibly, to help improve road safety across the county."

Operation Snap allows motorists to safely and securely upload their dash-cam or phone footage direct and fill out a form which automatically creates a witness statement to provide a full account of the incident.

Reports are then triaged by trained police staff, who check the footage to ensure it falls within the scheme's remit and contains clear views of offenders' number plates so they can be identified.

If they do, police officers in the Safer Roads Team then examine the footage and reports to identify offences and begin legal proceedings where required. The most common reason for a rejected submission is insufficient video evidence to support a prosecution.

For more information about Operation Snap or to submit video footage, visit the Northamptonshire Police website at » Less