Here are some recently asked questions

How do I report a problem of a persistent noise nuisance?

Here is the advice from West Northants Council:

The council can only potentially take formal action against allegedly intrusive noise pollution if the disturbances occur on a persistent and continuous basis and we generally use the statutory nuisance provisions of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 for dealing with these types of pollution issues. If a reported issue can be verified as being intrusive, persistent and continuous with periodic recordings as evidence via the Noise App, I may be able to assist further in this matter.

We would require you to use the Noise App for any further recordings as this system automatically date, time and GPS stamps any recordings made, which helps to negate the fabrication of evidence we sometimes experience.

When the noises / disturbances occur, please use the Noise App as an electronic diary and record disturbances from within your property. Submissions will allow me to verify the issue and disturbances you experience as being continuous and persistent, as well as help me to review the issue's intensity, frequency, duration and at what times these occur. Please submit as many recordings as you feel necessary to try and highlight how much it affects you.

For example, if the noise is ongoing for a period of 4 hours, a submission on the Noise App every 15 to 20 minutes would be useful for me. I will then review the evidence as I receive the recordings and within a 2 week period I will decide the best way forward. The Noise App is available to be downloaded via the following link ( and/or can be found in your phone's application browser.

For information on how we deal with noise complaints see our noise investigation procedure via the following link -

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There are pot-holes in my road. In the 1st instance, this should be reported to Street Doctor.

Our Street Light is still out. Contact the Clerk of the Parish Council who will arrange for EON to become aware of the continued problem.

Is a Smart Meter for Gas and/or Electricity right for me? Contact your energy provider for advice on on this.

How bad does a pothole have to be to get fixed? According to Northants County Council:

For a pothole to be considered a safety defect it has to be at least 40mm deep but this is on our busiest roads. For more local roads, our intervention levels would start at a depth of 50mm.

Not all defects therefore will be classed as safety defects since they will not be of sufficient severity to warrant action at present. This does not mean that there are no defects present.

Although this may sometimes give the impression that we are ignoring problems, we have to prioritise our limited maintenance funding and cannot fix all defects reported to us.

See the full description about potholes here