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Fraudulent Amazon Calls - South Northants

Fraudulent Amazon Calls - South Northants

We have received a number of calls over the last 24 hours relating to fraudulent Amazon calls and emails.

Fraudsters have been calling victims and making claims such as "Your Amazon Account has been compromised" and "Your Amazon Prime Account has expired". They then continue to ask victims to make bank transfers, to offer access to their accounts or to withdraw large sums of money from the banks which someone may offer to collect. They may also offer for you to call them back to confirm their legitimacy and provide you with a new number.

NEVER offer your personal information or bank details to these callers and if in doubt, hang up the phone and use an alternative phone to call the company on a number you know is legitimate, not a number they have given you.

If you experience this or similar, please report it to Action Fraud and make friends and relatives aware:

If you are receiving regular unwanted calls, you can speak to your phone provider and ask about options to protect your phone. They can offer options such as caller authentication steps, ex-directory options, new phone numbers and call blockers. You can also look to block numbers directly on your phone.

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Posted: Mon, 16 Nov 2020 22:31 by Dick Stephen

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