Remembrance Sunday Arrangements - NO SERVICE

Remembrance Sunday Arrangements - NO SERVICE

The following message has been received from John Lloyd Morgan, a Church Warden of St. Leonard's church regarding plans for the Remembrance Service for 2020.

Dear All,

Further to yesterday's announcement in church and after receiving a Round Robin letter from Bishop Donald this morning, this is just to reiterate that we will NOT be able to have a service inside St. Leonard's this coming Sunday for Remembrance Day.

What Mike and I suggest is the following:at 10.45 am one of us will toll a single bell from inside the church until 10.55. Mike or I will then read, at the War Memorial, the Roll of the Fallen and recite "They shall not grow old". Eoin Beevers plans to play The Last Post (depending on the weather!) and that will then lead into the 2 minutes silence. After the clock has struck 11.00, Eoin will pay the Reveille - and the Kohima Epitaph ("When you go home"...) will be read.

We hope that Father John will join us and will say a prayer or two at some time.There will be no official wreath laying so it is suggested that the 4 people in charge of their wreath place them on the War Memorial whenever they want but, please, BEFORE 10.45 on Sunday.

... We suggest that nobody should come into the Churchyard (except Father John, Eoin, Mike and me) and we invite people to stand on their doorsteps or to be on Main Street within earshot of the bells and the playing, if they wish to "participate".

Could you please pass this on to your neighbours and anyone who wishes to know what is happening?

... It would be great if as many people in the village know what is planned! But just to repeat - no service in St. Leonard's and no congregating in the Churchyard. Thank you.

With best wishes - Johnnie

Posted: Mon, 02 Nov 2020 22:05 by Dick Stephen

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